Project 2 Team Search


If you don’t have a partner yet for project 2, respond below! Do NOT use this thread to communicate once you’ve found a team. Also, update your posts once you’ve found a partner.

Make sure to mention what prompt(s) you’re interested in and provide a way for people to contact you outside of Discourse!


[UPDATE: I found a group] Hi! I am not going to be in lecture tomorrow because I have my DS100 midterm. Does anyone want to work on a Spotify project with me? I think it would be cool to build a website that displays some information about the music playing in a creative way. Not sure exactly what information or how but if anyone is interested in being a group together let me know :slight_smile:


[UPDATE: I found a group] Hi again! I had a new idea to make a map that shows all of the current BART trains on a map and where they’re going. This project might be a little harder from a front end perspective but I think it could be a fun challenge. Let me know if you’re interested in working on this (or a Spotify project) with me!


Hi Courtney,
[UPDATE: I found a group]
The BART idea does sound very interesting. Would you want to form a group? You can contact me at [email protected]


Unfortunately I just found a group! I am going to update my post to reflect that. Sorry!


[UPDATE: I found a group] Would any two person groups or any people still not in a group want to merge? I’m currently in a group w/ one other person, but we’d be down for any ideas.


Hi all!

Currently looking for a group for Project 2, open to working on any interesting ideas. Let me know if anyone is still looking for a team!


Hey I’m still looking for a team! I’m really interested in the Task Management System project or the Spotify project. Do you want to work together? :slight_smile:


Yea sounds great! My email is [email protected], sorry for responding a little late btw


Hello I am also looking for a team and I’d be down to work on the Spotify project if there is room! Also open to other ideas, so let me know if anyone needs a hand. Thanks!